Phoebe "Deadeye" Detta Marshall

An untamed mess of a woman, her uneven temper is only made more prickly by her skills with a pistol, her poker face, and her bloodlust for those who wronged her.


Phoebe “Deadeye” Marshall was born on a plantation in South Carolina to Geraldine and Henry Marshall. When Phoebe was 4, her family was freed and her parents and 3 of their young children, of which Phoebe was eldest, decided to head out west to San Francisco to start a new life. During the trip out west, Phoebe’s siblings and mother died of smallpox, leaving Phoebe and her father on their own. Henry started a hardware store and after his death, Phoebe inherited the business.

When she was 18, Phoebe met Sora, a second generation Japanese immigrant whose family owned a small import store near the Marshall’s. They quickly fell in love and, after Sora’s family died tragically in a fire, Phoebe and Sora decided to start over in Kearney, Nebraska. They started a small dry goods and supply store in Kearney and several years later, Phoebe gave birth to a son, who she named after her Father.

Phoebe was the happiest she had ever been, but unfortunately for her, tragedy had not yet finished with her. When young Henry was 3, Phoebe and Sora’s store was attached by blood thirsty outlaws. They torched the store and shot and killed Sora who was trying to protect them. Phoebe searched the house for Henry but could only hear his screams before she passed out from the smoke. When she woke up, Phoebe searched frantically for any trace of Henry, but found nothing. Something within her broke as she picked up the few remaining items from the charred remains of the house.

Since that day, Phoebe has wandered the west, searching for any traces of the men who stole her life from her.

Phoebe "Deadeye" Detta Marshall

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