Bozkhurt Ahmad

Ottoman Empire sharpshooter hired as a mercenary. [The Red Death]



Bozkhurt is a highly decorated, highly skilled, and highly dangerous sharpshooter from the Ottoman Empire. He gained his fame during the Crimean wars where he single handedly killed 77 Russian soldiers in the battle of Kars. Bozkhurt held the position until he was overwhelmed by Russian soldiers who took him prisoner instead of killing him due to their great respect for him. The Russian soldiers gave him the nickname The Red Death due to his ability to kill men like the plague did.

Bozkhurt fought for the Russians in various other Battles in the Balkans against the British and French in the later years of the Crimean Wars. He was captured by the British in 1875 and again, his skill in battle and the respect that accompanied it saved his life. However the British did not want him around their soldiers any longer after supposedly killing 200 soldiers in one week for the Russians. In turn they sold him to the Confederate Army where he took part in the battles of the American Civil War. After fighting in Bull Run Bozkhurt fled the Confederate barracks to head West to start a new life.

With no home, no comrades, and an endless haunt of the ghosts of battle Bozkhurt seeks a new life in the West.

Bozkhurt Ahmad

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