Hell on the High Plains

Miktwar / Ruth's last night

Lots going down

/**** RECAP ****/

Last time we defeated the Dawes gang leaving one henchmen and Robert Dawes alive. After interrogating them and learning that the rest of the gang left for Arkansas with the train. We hang the two with a mean note for the mormons and tell Jackson Ford if he wants our help he has to tell us what’s happening.

We also found a half indian kid Bob who likes to collect ears.

we find:
25 pounds pinto beans
50 lbs floue
3 lbs coffee
7lbs salty bacon
3 tins of salt
2 snuff boxes
mexican cigars
200 confederate dollars
50 bucks yankee dollars
800 pesos

we have 8 horses, we lash 4 of them onto Shaken’s carriage to conserve ghost rock.

/**** Now ****/

Jackson Ford is pissed that he has to give the party the straight and narrow. He doesn’t wan’t to tell us for our own good, but he’ll tell us anyway:

Out in Western Missouri, reports of a green glowing meteor fell out of the skies and brought the dead back to life. It’s inscribed with unknown symbols and kept in a lead lined box, but was abducted by the Dawes gang. Ford can’t contact any of his Denver contacts who he was meeting up with. It’s heading South and their new president will use it however he can to break the stalemate.

We decide to send Paddy and Dick to negotiate a lace on the train backed up by Dedda and Miliosh as snippers. After approaching they talk to an unknown Mormon scum who sends two troops riding up to investigate the hill. They stall out and wait for orders while the hill players do the same.

Ford whistles and Dedda and the Judge go with them. We all meet with Daniel Smith (leader) and agree on passage. We notice a ghost rock train coming north and assume it’s the stollen train coming back.

We decide to split up and take ‘em from infront with the mormons and behind with us using Dick’s horseless carriage to block the tracks and for cover.

A fight ensues and after killing a few Dawes men, they stand up and start to moan!

Moon pie is -3 and shaken
Dick is -1
Judge is -3
Ford is -2

Daniel is down
2 Dawes are down

Mormons are useless


mtn_mojo FuManchuDrew

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