Hell on the High Plains

In Julesburg

A night on the town

Horace J. Gaspar finds out we get 300 bucks of bounty for the corpses on the train. (50 bucks for everyone). We ask to form a posse to check out Dodge City Kansas to hunt them down, Sherif agrees, but notes our badges will only get us so far…. Dawes Gang also runs out of Dodge City.

The Judge wanders off to check on Sandra and spend some of his bounty money before trying to find some temporary help for the Sherif. I ask Dan ( the bouncer ) to help out the Sherif part time while I’m away.

Meanwhile Paddy gets a part-time job at the Morgan’s General Store making 50 cents a day, has morning shift, Thanks Curtis P Morgan for employing the Micks. He then goes and meets the padre of the town, gives a nice donation and gets an amulet of St. Cristopher.

Miliosh is whoring it up, but hits one up for info.

Wu questions after her lost family in the mini China Town.

Dick Shaken is at the Columbine Hotel, nicest place in town.

Miliosh, the Judge and Dick end up playing a high stakes game at the Columbine before hooking up and wandering to meet Ford.

Ford sees us gather in and informs us that he’s narrowed down where they’re headed, but can’t get funding for a train to take him there. Two options: book passage on East bound train and bribe to barrel out at junction on horse. Option two, strike out on horse. Option three, get own train.

Headed into North Western Kansas. While waiting for the train, Wu decides to kick some ass and moke some money in boxing matches. She kicks some ass. She kicks some ass again, then kicks some ass a third time.

Her third fighter does such a good job, the Judge sends him to Horace as a third deputy (with Meliosh, whose staying behind to help.)


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