Hell on the High Plains

Continuing The Trail Ride

Eating ticks leads to stomach cramps

Dick Shacken and Miliosh’s horse are fatigued after being stabbed in order to save their lives form internal ticks.

After a quick morning meal, we mount up and head south, staying about 50 yards from the tracks, close enough to follow, but far enough away to scamper if an engine approaches.

While riding we notice antelope herds roaming and take it as a good sign that we’re out of a tick infested danger area. After awhile we come to a ravine and decide to go slowly down and up instead of taking the train bridge.

After another hour or so we notice green smoke coming from behind us. Remembering the train line, the Judge knows if it’s official, it’s running 2 hours ahead of schedule. We decide to head to a high point and use Jackson Ford’s spy glass to take a peak at what’s running down the tracks. We see a train with three cars, heavily armored and with outriders wearing railroad uniforms (though outside this line, wearing Wasatch uniforms, which typically runs out of Salt Lake). Jackson bets their looking for their lost engine.

We don’t hide and the train’s forward guard approaches us, asking our business. The Judge intimidates the Mormon scum and we decide to ride ahead and try to beat the Wasatch company men to Kansas.

After getting ahead of the train, we catch a mail / water pull off and distract the worker so Woo can sabotage the switch off, meaning the train can’t pull off for the following train. Woo and Deda intoxicate and nudify the worker to discredit about “rundown” switch offs. The girls lose at strip poker, so woo tries to knock out the old man, meanwhile they notice the Judge creeping and watching the ladies at work.

Paddy takes this time to un fatigue Dick and the horse so they’re at full capacity. Dick suggests pouring more whiskey down the old man’s throat, and we head off. We obfuscate our tracks and kick our at full speed. We ride into the night and hunker down around 11 pm to get a bit of a jump on the Wasatch douche line.

We hunker in and Paddy and the Judge take on Woo for some friendly fighting, she beats us both and the watches commence as the party gets some rest. In the morning, we start to use tracking skill and notice some illegal switches about 2 days out of Dodge City. Jackson makes a compelling argument that the Dawes gang headed of this way.

We decide to check the area around the tracks and notice a homestead that cuts through the illegal tracks. The Homestead has a gate / mini fort. We decide to jam the switch, start a fire to distract the compound.

The bandits aren’t drawn out of the walls, but drawn to the eastern wall and are watching the smoke, as well as the second plume from the Wasatch attack train. Our posse successfully gets behind the compound and Woo sneaks and lays one on the back side and three scattered around the front where we see the watch tower and bandits observing the smoke.

Dick and the Judge have taken up snipper positions while woo is sneaking and Deda and Paddy are waiting to run up to the tree for cover during confusion.

Woo lit the front three, leaving Dick to shoot the back one on time.


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