Hell on the High Plains


Meeting Drake

We meet Drake (wrote more about this, but didn’t save, because I am a jack-hole)
Bob takes ears, Paddy blesses

14 winchesters
6 sidarms
50 days of rations
7 flasks of whiskey
3 empty flasks
500 union
400 confederate
1080 pesos
3 decks of nudie playing cards
3 gold watches
3 silver watches
4 tin watches

2 .45’s with ivory handles and gold / silver inlays → Judge takes
1 fancy bowie knife → Bob takes
1 fancy sniper rifle →
12 silver bullets → Dick
12 silver bullets → Drake

We blasted a pit and burned / buried zombies, negotiated to take the Dawes train back to Denver for Mormons. We lash our horses to Dick’s car to use as standard carriage and ride beside / behind the train.

We start heading towards Dodge, Kansas. On the train, we discuss our earlier Zombie encounter and Ford says there are lots of dead encounters, but the problem with this meteorite is it projects a field that brings all recently deceased back…. Ford is going to Denver to hook up with a regiment to help him make it back East safely. Drake warns about not trusting Union soldiers…
Ford is confident in his secret service men.

We agree to help him get to Denver, but say Ford owes us one, which he agrees to (as long as it doesn’t compromise USA and her citizens.)

After another full day of gravel, we pull into Dodge just before sunset. ON the platform 5 gents are waiting for us.

One with a duster, twin sidearms and a shotgun, big busy moustache
one with a brown jacket / bowler and shoulder harness for his guns, moustache
Other three are hanging back, armed and in plane clothes
badges on all.

We notice all passengers are being funneled through what looks to be a gun check line. After the passengers pull off, our trains limp into the station. Steve and Fred say they’ll watch the trains if we stock ’em up, which we agree to and kick off into the station.

The Judge will approach the lawmen at the station with and introduces himself, finds out they’re Sheriff Earp and Deputy Masterson. After talking, we learn that Dodge is a divided town and they’ve had a lot of trouble, so all except the Judge has to check their guns.

Earp stops Bob and asks about his ear necklace, Bob responds it’s part of the BobTaco tribe tradition. Earp directs us to the Long Branch for some whoring and drinking. The Dawes gang was worth 3 grand in bounty, we all take 100 out for a night on town

$2500 in the bounty pot.


mtn_mojo FuManchuDrew

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