Hell on the High Plains

Prologue: Envy

5 bad dudes left: 1 at -1, 1 at -3
1 big bad dude left

Ruth at -1
Mikhail shaken
Arlo shaken
Milosh -1

Hasting Nebraska
A night of Flames and Fools

A random assortment of surly strangers comes together to investigate a fire on the horizon. After riding out to James Sandhere’s homestead which was set ablaze, our group finds and rescues the son, Connor and wife Jane from a flaming house. After a shoot out with James’ no good brother Bill and his gang, we discover that he’s undead and still alive. Judge Halloway quickly blows their heads off and throws their bodies in the burning house to be done with them once and for all. We head back into town with Shawn Johnson, the Hasting Sheriff (Adam’s County) to drink the horrors of seeing the dead seek revenge.

Halloway and Miliosh with the help Paddy O’Farniture sell the gang’s horses and shooting irons to the barkeep for credit. Halloway pays back Phoebe the money she loaned him earlier for a gambling dept.

Miliosh sees a Confederate spy in a sleeping man in the saloon, but manages to come to his senses before slitting a throat or two.

The train leaves at 7 in the morning, so the group puts Miliosh to bed. We spend the night gambling to get aquatinted with the makeshift posse that helped us save Sandhere’s family.

The bartender strikes up a conversation with Paddy and seeing potential sport, sets up a boxing match on the adrenaline fueled potato eater. The patrons clear the tables as the Bartender gets a big Native American fella, Running Dear to step into the ring. Paddy takes RD in two rounds and convinces the house to double up (everyone doubles down!) and Paddy smashes him in two more hits.

Phoebe: 3 buck on Paddy
Judge: 10 bucks on Paddy
Running Dear: 10 bucks on Self
Paddy: 10 bucks on Self

purse: 200 bucks (20% of purse to victor)

Paddy takes his $60 winnings and slips it under the Jail (where the Sandhere’s are staying), with a note giving them the cash to start a new life.

Leaving Hastings
On the route to Julesburg

Start the morning with a round of gambling on the train, Phoebe wins again.

Paddy notices two of our gambling mates walking the train nervously… Paddy goes to investigate and is confronted by Conductor Smith, who he charms into letting him explore the sleeping quarters of the train. Here Paddy and Phoebe meet up and observe from her cabin, while Wu sneaks up and the Judge stays seating watching the second gambler….

The first gambler goes into a car with conductor, but comes out alone, Phoebe approaches under the pretense of asking for another gambling game, he declines but hits on Phoebe. While they’re chatting, Wu clocks him on the back of the head and almost caves his skull in… “Don’t call me moonpie, whiteman”. A Spectacled doctor runs and gets Halloway and conductor and accompanies them back to the scene….

Inside the cabin Wu and Paddy are searching the room for the missing conductor. They find a drop of blood on the floor and windowsill..

We send the conductor and concerned citizen away and the group fills everyone in. The Judge shackles the unconscious gambler, and Phoebe notices five riders on the bluff in the distance from the window. Wu runs off with Halloway’s badge to alert the conductors at the front of the train.

We hear a gunshot from the front of the train and proceed, weapons hot, not sure what we’re walking into. The Judge pulls his knife and gun, walks into a crowded cabin with newly appointed deputies in tow.

Wu, a foreign woman just points to her borrowed badge, repeating ‘Deputy!’. We all notice the train slowing down and five riders now along side. The engine continues down the track, leaving us disconnected, and six men wait in the next car up yelling “It’s a Stick Up”!

Shoot out ensues.

Blood is spilt, fate chips are spent, their leader bleeds out quickly after the whole gang is shaken by Paddy casts a successful confusion bomb. After raiding weapons, we notice that a second engine coupled on the back side of the train, and it starts to pull in the opposite direction. We hear “Mr. Dawes ain’t going to wait, hurry and get it moving”.

3 box cars, two cattle cars, and a caboose are hijacked.

Phoebe is -1

Train robbery Aftermath
Hold-up Blues

We notice the engine of the outlaws is burning green, and we see faces in the smoke as it pulls away. O’Leary informs the other engine of the situation as it arrives.

The Judge and Paddy go to question the unconscious perp, the Judge asks the new widow to see if she wants to watch as the man is put down. Paddy escorts her away while the Judge suffocates him and searches for clues. He finds 12 silver bullets and a double holster which he takes, and a Confederate Silver Dollar with a bullet hole in it on a chain. He pockets it and goes with Paddy to find the head conductor.

Phoebe is still running madly after the train with Wu following trying to restrain her in her madness. The Bartender catches up and says the train is heading back to Kansas in a model 87 Wassach out of Utah (advanced tech)

Phoebe: The gang that robbed that train is the gang that killed my husband and son, I will follow them to the ends of the earth.

Phoebe catches up with the bartender riding back towards the train and asks what the gang wanted. He says he can’t say, but he’s going to hunt them down. Phoebe makes a pact with him to hunt the gang.

Phoebe comes into the car and informs the group what the bartender told her. The Judge intimidates him and finds out he’s a secret Northern agent (Pinkerton agency converted into the US’ proto CIA) and attempts to recruit us.

We pow-wow and Paddy says he’s legit and we decide to help him on his endeavor, Phoebe for revenge, Wu for loyalty to Phoebe, Paddy for unknown reasons, the Judge for bringing criminals to justice.

The Agent: Jackson Ford tries to get the train moving while Paddy starts serving free drinks at the bar. and we all gamble until we arrive in Julesburg. Ford slips us a card saying he’ll be at the ‘Red Garter’ where we can meet up with him.

At the office, the Sherif has the old’ Ted for welching on a payment to the whore Sandra at the Belle and Chain. He takes the description of the Dawes members killed and sends the clerk to see if there’s a bounty. The Judge smashes his head for disrespecting and goes to clean up, while the rest of the gang goes to the Red Garter.

Paddy and Woo go in search of street fight gambling while Phoebe goes and stays at the Dragon Star Inn, where she holes up in her room sharpening her sword and oiling her gun.

In Julesburg
A night on the town

Horace J. Gaspar finds out we get 300 bucks of bounty for the corpses on the train. (50 bucks for everyone). We ask to form a posse to check out Dodge City Kansas to hunt them down, Sherif agrees, but notes our badges will only get us so far…. Dawes Gang also runs out of Dodge City.

The Judge wanders off to check on Sandra and spend some of his bounty money before trying to find some temporary help for the Sherif. I ask Dan ( the bouncer ) to help out the Sherif part time while I’m away.

Meanwhile Paddy gets a part-time job at the Morgan’s General Store making 50 cents a day, has morning shift, Thanks Curtis P Morgan for employing the Micks. He then goes and meets the padre of the town, gives a nice donation and gets an amulet of St. Cristopher.

Miliosh is whoring it up, but hits one up for info.

Wu questions after her lost family in the mini China Town.

Dick Shaken is at the Columbine Hotel, nicest place in town.

Miliosh, the Judge and Dick end up playing a high stakes game at the Columbine before hooking up and wandering to meet Ford.

Ford sees us gather in and informs us that he’s narrowed down where they’re headed, but can’t get funding for a train to take him there. Two options: book passage on East bound train and bribe to barrel out at junction on horse. Option two, strike out on horse. Option three, get own train.

Headed into North Western Kansas. While waiting for the train, Wu decides to kick some ass and moke some money in boxing matches. She kicks some ass. She kicks some ass again, then kicks some ass a third time.

Her third fighter does such a good job, the Judge sends him to Horace as a third deputy (with Meliosh, whose staying behind to help.)

Train Back East
One toe over the line

Paddy talks his way out of starting his job with the help of Woo and the Judge. Woo sees a gun she wants. Pays a pretty penny for it, we all buy a weeks worth of rations. We get on the train, which is the Wasach line heading East, an ol’ model ’62 steam engine.

Jackson has already arranged to let us off with our mounts later in the day. While riding we all notice something rustling in the bushes outside of the train about the size of a large jack rabbit.

We get a late start, ride along the rails for an hour before making camp. Woo draws first watch and sees something in the bushes, punches and a tick explodes. Meanwhile, we’re surrounded by ticks, one scampers up and crawls inside a horse’s mouth, another crawls inside the mouth of an unsuspecting Richard!

After the fight, we decide to test a ‘surgical’ removal on the horse to see if we can kill the Tick. Paddy calms the tick and makes it hold still while the Judge does a target stab to the stomach, wounding and shacking the horse. Paddy immediately heals the horse, and the party turns our sites on Dick.

Woo uses her sword to surgically remove the tick, leaving it for Dick to pass. Dick is shaken and left with a nasty stomach wound that will surely scar.

Continuing The Trail Ride
Eating ticks leads to stomach cramps

Dick Shacken and Miliosh’s horse are fatigued after being stabbed in order to save their lives form internal ticks.

After a quick morning meal, we mount up and head south, staying about 50 yards from the tracks, close enough to follow, but far enough away to scamper if an engine approaches.

While riding we notice antelope herds roaming and take it as a good sign that we’re out of a tick infested danger area. After awhile we come to a ravine and decide to go slowly down and up instead of taking the train bridge.

After another hour or so we notice green smoke coming from behind us. Remembering the train line, the Judge knows if it’s official, it’s running 2 hours ahead of schedule. We decide to head to a high point and use Jackson Ford’s spy glass to take a peak at what’s running down the tracks. We see a train with three cars, heavily armored and with outriders wearing railroad uniforms (though outside this line, wearing Wasatch uniforms, which typically runs out of Salt Lake). Jackson bets their looking for their lost engine.

We don’t hide and the train’s forward guard approaches us, asking our business. The Judge intimidates the Mormon scum and we decide to ride ahead and try to beat the Wasatch company men to Kansas.

After getting ahead of the train, we catch a mail / water pull off and distract the worker so Woo can sabotage the switch off, meaning the train can’t pull off for the following train. Woo and Deda intoxicate and nudify the worker to discredit about “rundown” switch offs. The girls lose at strip poker, so woo tries to knock out the old man, meanwhile they notice the Judge creeping and watching the ladies at work.

Paddy takes this time to un fatigue Dick and the horse so they’re at full capacity. Dick suggests pouring more whiskey down the old man’s throat, and we head off. We obfuscate our tracks and kick our at full speed. We ride into the night and hunker down around 11 pm to get a bit of a jump on the Wasatch douche line.

We hunker in and Paddy and the Judge take on Woo for some friendly fighting, she beats us both and the watches commence as the party gets some rest. In the morning, we start to use tracking skill and notice some illegal switches about 2 days out of Dodge City. Jackson makes a compelling argument that the Dawes gang headed of this way.

We decide to check the area around the tracks and notice a homestead that cuts through the illegal tracks. The Homestead has a gate / mini fort. We decide to jam the switch, start a fire to distract the compound.

The bandits aren’t drawn out of the walls, but drawn to the eastern wall and are watching the smoke, as well as the second plume from the Wasatch attack train. Our posse successfully gets behind the compound and Woo sneaks and lays one on the back side and three scattered around the front where we see the watch tower and bandits observing the smoke.

Dick and the Judge have taken up snipper positions while woo is sneaking and Deda and Paddy are waiting to run up to the tree for cover during confusion.

Woo lit the front three, leaving Dick to shoot the back one on time.

Shoot Out
Finish the big ambush

Paddy finds Chief Bob, a little indian boy held hostage in the house. We finish killing, one bandit surrenders and the leading Dawes brother is alive but passed out. We take Dawes weapons, tie him up and Paddy attempts to heal him.

On Dawes we find a key ring with three keys,$36.12 of CONFEDERATE currency. 22.75 of Yankee dollars. 13 Mexican pesos. 6 golden honey bees (Mormon money), and a few canadian pennies…..

They stole three cars with fancy engine, one car and the engine are missing…..

Paddy is successful at healing Dawes, who wakes up and is immediately intimidated by the judge.

Paddy, Jackson, and Dick are searching the caboose… They’re coming up empty. The next car has some baggage that’s been riffled through, they find Dick’s horseless carriage(though all brass lantern’s removed, upholstery torn up….), but not his sitar. Jackson is cursing up a streak.

Dawes is defiant in his bloodied state, but Jackson comes over and asks to be left with Dawes. The Judge and Bob both try to sneak and hear, but get caught. All of us get caught and Jackson takes Dawes into the barn.

The Judge goes to the other defiant prisoner, who spits on his boot. The Judge cuts off an ear to make him feel better and tosses it to Bob who puts it on his necklace.

We find out that the others are ‘taking it home to the boys in gray’ and he says Home is in Arkansas. They left yesterday, heading south hopping on the Black river line.

We drag the Bandit outside, and Jackson comes out with an unconscious Dawes. Jackson says he’s heading South, and that we should hang the two men so the Mormon’s don’t find out. We hang the two men with a note that says ‘Too late Joe’ on one guys chest.

Jackson tells us that we need to hijack the Mormon train to catch. The Judge tells Jackson that if he wants our help, he needs to tell us what he’s after.

Miktwar / Ruth's last night
Lots going down

/**** RECAP ****/

Last time we defeated the Dawes gang leaving one henchmen and Robert Dawes alive. After interrogating them and learning that the rest of the gang left for Arkansas with the train. We hang the two with a mean note for the mormons and tell Jackson Ford if he wants our help he has to tell us what’s happening.

We also found a half indian kid Bob who likes to collect ears.

we find:
25 pounds pinto beans
50 lbs floue
3 lbs coffee
7lbs salty bacon
3 tins of salt
2 snuff boxes
mexican cigars
200 confederate dollars
50 bucks yankee dollars
800 pesos

we have 8 horses, we lash 4 of them onto Shaken’s carriage to conserve ghost rock.

/**** Now ****/

Jackson Ford is pissed that he has to give the party the straight and narrow. He doesn’t wan’t to tell us for our own good, but he’ll tell us anyway:

Out in Western Missouri, reports of a green glowing meteor fell out of the skies and brought the dead back to life. It’s inscribed with unknown symbols and kept in a lead lined box, but was abducted by the Dawes gang. Ford can’t contact any of his Denver contacts who he was meeting up with. It’s heading South and their new president will use it however he can to break the stalemate.

We decide to send Paddy and Dick to negotiate a lace on the train backed up by Dedda and Miliosh as snippers. After approaching they talk to an unknown Mormon scum who sends two troops riding up to investigate the hill. They stall out and wait for orders while the hill players do the same.

Ford whistles and Dedda and the Judge go with them. We all meet with Daniel Smith (leader) and agree on passage. We notice a ghost rock train coming north and assume it’s the stollen train coming back.

We decide to split up and take ‘em from infront with the mormons and behind with us using Dick’s horseless carriage to block the tracks and for cover.

A fight ensues and after killing a few Dawes men, they stand up and start to moan!

Moon pie is -3 and shaken
Dick is -1
Judge is -3
Ford is -2

Daniel is down
2 Dawes are down

Mormons are useless

The Train battle continues
Old Friends Gone, new ones comming

The Battle continues, the gatling gun is jams after a few good shots. A mormon minion named Fred is uselessly looking for a rope, the main party hides behind Dick’s car, while a mysterious sniper appears only shooting zombies(Ken). Every death creates a new enemy

We fight them down to one mormon zombie after the last Dawes tries to use the jam gatling gun and dies. In the end three mormon minions, Fred, Wilma, and Benny are left with a pile of bodies.

3 points.


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