Judge Halloway

Tall, hairless, ruthless....


Six six, not a strand of hair on his entire body, 245 pounds of pure, brutal justice and law.


Born oversized and with total body Alopecia areata, Halloway killed his mother with his birth. His father, a corrupt Southern judge sends him North to live in a boarding school at an early age after an oppressive and abusive first few years. Growing up large and hairless with a Souther accent didn’t help make any friends in the North, but made him mean, tough, and determined.

Following in his abusive father’s footsteps, Halloway soon became Judge Halloway and threw himself into Northern Law, graduating from Harvard Law at the top of his class. Taking pride in his Southern roots, he studied and passed the law exams in both countries, though only practices in the North. After a year of practicing in Boston, Halloway still can’t escape the long shadow of his father’s style of justice.

Halloway takes a Swedwick County Judge position in Julesburg Colorado. After getting out of the train, he is immediately deputized as a Marshal in the county as well, which is large and lawless.

As our story opens, Halloway has been hanging and sentencing for just nigh a year. He’s raked up a reputation for fast sentencing and is known more as a ‘Shooting Judge’ than the traditional ‘Hanging Judge’. He’s traveling back west from Nebraska where he returned and hung some Cattle Rustlers from Lincoln…


“My father always said spend money on gambling, spend money on whiskey, but never spend money on both.”

Judge Halloway

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