• Bozkhurt Ahmad

    Bozkhurt Ahmad

    Ottoman Empire sharpshooter hired as a mercenary. [The Red Death]
  • Isabella Moirai

    Isabella Moirai

    Shrouded with mystery and equipped with a golden tongue, this vagrant lives for the occult.
  • Judge Halloway

    Judge Halloway

    Tall, hairless, ruthless....
  • Pádraig O'Farniture

    Pádraig O'Farniture

    Irish and stays out all night
  • Phoebe "Deadeye" Detta Marshall

    Phoebe "Deadeye" Detta Marshall

    An untamed mess of a woman, her uneven temper is only made more prickly by her skills with a pistol, her poker face, and her bloodlust for those who wronged her.
  • Wu-Ling Zhong

    Wu-Ling Zhong

    The former Shaolin nun on a mission to find her family at all costs. With her sacred family sword, Jiang-Min, and her Colt Peacemaker, she will defend the innocent and bring justice to the wicked across the plains.