Hell on the High Plains

Train robbery Aftermath

Hold-up Blues

We notice the engine of the outlaws is burning green, and we see faces in the smoke as it pulls away. O’Leary informs the other engine of the situation as it arrives.

The Judge and Paddy go to question the unconscious perp, the Judge asks the new widow to see if she wants to watch as the man is put down. Paddy escorts her away while the Judge suffocates him and searches for clues. He finds 12 silver bullets and a double holster which he takes, and a Confederate Silver Dollar with a bullet hole in it on a chain. He pockets it and goes with Paddy to find the head conductor.

Phoebe is still running madly after the train with Wu following trying to restrain her in her madness. The Bartender catches up and says the train is heading back to Kansas in a model 87 Wassach out of Utah (advanced tech)

Phoebe: The gang that robbed that train is the gang that killed my husband and son, I will follow them to the ends of the earth.

Phoebe catches up with the bartender riding back towards the train and asks what the gang wanted. He says he can’t say, but he’s going to hunt them down. Phoebe makes a pact with him to hunt the gang.

Phoebe comes into the car and informs the group what the bartender told her. The Judge intimidates him and finds out he’s a secret Northern agent (Pinkerton agency converted into the US’ proto CIA) and attempts to recruit us.

We pow-wow and Paddy says he’s legit and we decide to help him on his endeavor, Phoebe for revenge, Wu for loyalty to Phoebe, Paddy for unknown reasons, the Judge for bringing criminals to justice.

The Agent: Jackson Ford tries to get the train moving while Paddy starts serving free drinks at the bar. and we all gamble until we arrive in Julesburg. Ford slips us a card saying he’ll be at the ‘Red Garter’ where we can meet up with him.

At the office, the Sherif has the old’ Ted for welching on a payment to the whore Sandra at the Belle and Chain. He takes the description of the Dawes members killed and sends the clerk to see if there’s a bounty. The Judge smashes his head for disrespecting and goes to clean up, while the rest of the gang goes to the Red Garter.

Paddy and Woo go in search of street fight gambling while Phoebe goes and stays at the Dragon Star Inn, where she holes up in her room sharpening her sword and oiling her gun.


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