Hell on the High Plains

Train Back East

One toe over the line

Paddy talks his way out of starting his job with the help of Woo and the Judge. Woo sees a gun she wants. Pays a pretty penny for it, we all buy a weeks worth of rations. We get on the train, which is the Wasach line heading East, an ol’ model ’62 steam engine.

Jackson has already arranged to let us off with our mounts later in the day. While riding we all notice something rustling in the bushes outside of the train about the size of a large jack rabbit.

We get a late start, ride along the rails for an hour before making camp. Woo draws first watch and sees something in the bushes, punches and a tick explodes. Meanwhile, we’re surrounded by ticks, one scampers up and crawls inside a horse’s mouth, another crawls inside the mouth of an unsuspecting Richard!

After the fight, we decide to test a ‘surgical’ removal on the horse to see if we can kill the Tick. Paddy calms the tick and makes it hold still while the Judge does a target stab to the stomach, wounding and shacking the horse. Paddy immediately heals the horse, and the party turns our sites on Dick.

Woo uses her sword to surgically remove the tick, leaving it for Dick to pass. Dick is shaken and left with a nasty stomach wound that will surely scar.


mtn_mojo FuManchuDrew

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