Hell on the High Plains

Shoot Out

Finish the big ambush

Paddy finds Chief Bob, a little indian boy held hostage in the house. We finish killing, one bandit surrenders and the leading Dawes brother is alive but passed out. We take Dawes weapons, tie him up and Paddy attempts to heal him.

On Dawes we find a key ring with three keys,$36.12 of CONFEDERATE currency. 22.75 of Yankee dollars. 13 Mexican pesos. 6 golden honey bees (Mormon money), and a few canadian pennies…..

They stole three cars with fancy engine, one car and the engine are missing…..

Paddy is successful at healing Dawes, who wakes up and is immediately intimidated by the judge.

Paddy, Jackson, and Dick are searching the caboose… They’re coming up empty. The next car has some baggage that’s been riffled through, they find Dick’s horseless carriage(though all brass lantern’s removed, upholstery torn up….), but not his sitar. Jackson is cursing up a streak.

Dawes is defiant in his bloodied state, but Jackson comes over and asks to be left with Dawes. The Judge and Bob both try to sneak and hear, but get caught. All of us get caught and Jackson takes Dawes into the barn.

The Judge goes to the other defiant prisoner, who spits on his boot. The Judge cuts off an ear to make him feel better and tosses it to Bob who puts it on his necklace.

We find out that the others are ‘taking it home to the boys in gray’ and he says Home is in Arkansas. They left yesterday, heading south hopping on the Black river line.

We drag the Bandit outside, and Jackson comes out with an unconscious Dawes. Jackson says he’s heading South, and that we should hang the two men so the Mormon’s don’t find out. We hang the two men with a note that says ‘Too late Joe’ on one guys chest.

Jackson tells us that we need to hijack the Mormon train to catch. The Judge tells Jackson that if he wants our help, he needs to tell us what he’s after.


mtn_mojo FuManchuDrew

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