Hell on the High Plains

Leaving Hastings

On the route to Julesburg

Start the morning with a round of gambling on the train, Phoebe wins again.

Paddy notices two of our gambling mates walking the train nervously… Paddy goes to investigate and is confronted by Conductor Smith, who he charms into letting him explore the sleeping quarters of the train. Here Paddy and Phoebe meet up and observe from her cabin, while Wu sneaks up and the Judge stays seating watching the second gambler….

The first gambler goes into a car with conductor, but comes out alone, Phoebe approaches under the pretense of asking for another gambling game, he declines but hits on Phoebe. While they’re chatting, Wu clocks him on the back of the head and almost caves his skull in… “Don’t call me moonpie, whiteman”. A Spectacled doctor runs and gets Halloway and conductor and accompanies them back to the scene….

Inside the cabin Wu and Paddy are searching the room for the missing conductor. They find a drop of blood on the floor and windowsill..

We send the conductor and concerned citizen away and the group fills everyone in. The Judge shackles the unconscious gambler, and Phoebe notices five riders on the bluff in the distance from the window. Wu runs off with Halloway’s badge to alert the conductors at the front of the train.

We hear a gunshot from the front of the train and proceed, weapons hot, not sure what we’re walking into. The Judge pulls his knife and gun, walks into a crowded cabin with newly appointed deputies in tow.

Wu, a foreign woman just points to her borrowed badge, repeating ‘Deputy!’. We all notice the train slowing down and five riders now along side. The engine continues down the track, leaving us disconnected, and six men wait in the next car up yelling “It’s a Stick Up”!

Shoot out ensues.

Blood is spilt, fate chips are spent, their leader bleeds out quickly after the whole gang is shaken by Paddy casts a successful confusion bomb. After raiding weapons, we notice that a second engine coupled on the back side of the train, and it starts to pull in the opposite direction. We hear “Mr. Dawes ain’t going to wait, hurry and get it moving”.

3 box cars, two cattle cars, and a caboose are hijacked.

Phoebe is -1


mtn_mojo ittyan

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